We are proud of our alumni. 

We are inspired and elevated by their music.

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Mentorship Program 

Life skills. Performance hints.

Building friendships. Building a network. Building a community.

Give a student a helping hand – be a mentor!

The Music Mentorship Program matches undergraduate students with Faculty of Music graduates. Meeting on an individual basis, mentors share their experiences and provide an opportunity for students to explore areas of music and careers in which they show particular interest. The program is tailored to students’ interests.

We hope alumni and students take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to connect and build our music community.

The goals of the mentorship program are to:

  • Introduce music students to music professionals in an informal setting that is outside the classroom
  • Build a community of mentorship both at the faculty and in the Toronto area
  • Give students an opportunity to find role models in the music community who can share experiences and advice that may help students choose the academic programs and career paths that are right for them.

For more information, please contact:

Rachel Desoer- Coordinator
Tyler Greenleaf - Development Associate