BRN Researcher Profile Series: Prof. Mark V. Campbell

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Based at U of T Scarborough, the Afrosonic Innovation Lab studies – and experiments with – Black music and sonic cultures

A growing academic space at the University of Toronto Scarborough is offering students a meaningful outlet to engage with music from the African diaspora. Led by Assistant Professor Mark V. Campbell, the Afrosonic Innovation Lab explores – and experiments with – Black music and sonic cultures from across the African diaspora.

“The mission around the lab is to be open and experimental around creating music, and working with soundscapes and sound in ways that can connect theory to practice,” says Campbell of the department of arts, culture and media. “We also illuminate the very rich and multifold ways that sound and music have been critical to the sustenance, the survival and the thriving of populations of Africans forcibly displaced from the continent.”

Launched in 2021, the lab encourages students to not only create music but conduct research to gain and mobilize knowledge about the role of music in the African diaspora. It also fosters a collaborative environment where researchers can think beyond their individual disciplines.

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