The Year of the Monkey

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Happy Year of the Monkey!

Johann Joachim Kaendler, a master of porcelain employed by Meissen in Germany, created The Monkey Orchestra in 1753. Kaendler’s designs are so exquisite and timeless that The Monkey Orchestra is still crafted today according to his original designs.

The full monkey orchestra consists of 21 figures and they represent one of the most extraordinary, whimsical and enchanting examples of German Baroque art. Each solo figure tells a unique story and together the entire monkey orchestra reveals a complex story of aesthetics and chinoiserie, social class and anti-feudal mentalities, humor and the grotesque.UofT Music’s Mary Ann Parker visited The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art for a very special session with The Meissen Monkey Orchestra.

No animals where harmed… or broken…as a result of our visit to The Gardiner Museum.

UofT Music is situated along The Bloor Street Culture Corridor and is surrounded by many of the Toronto’s great cultural institutions including The Gardiner Museum.

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                                    Johann Joachim Kaendler
                                    The collection at the Gardiner Museum  
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