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Undergraduate Quick Links 2023-24

Registrar's Office Sharepoint - your reliable first stop for information

Wellness resources - Compiled December 2023

Faculty of Music Calendar - 2023-24 Academic Session

Faculty of Music Timetable  - 2023-24 Academic Session updated August 25, 2023

Timetable Builder

Undergraduate Next Steps Guide for Newly Admitted Students  -  2023-24 Academic Session (2024-25 guide to be posted in mid-June)

Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar

ACP Guide for New Students  - 2023-24 Academic Session

ACP Timetable  (for ACP students) - 2023-24 Academic Session

Opera Diploma Handbook - 2023-24 Academic Session

April 2024 Final Exam Schedule - updated March 1, 2024

April 2024 Jury Schedule - updated March 1, 2024



The information found here is primarily intended for current undergraduate students. If you are a prospective undergraduate student, please visit Program Info to obtain information on admission requirements and application procedures.

The Faculty of Music Calendar includes the degree requirements, course descriptions, and rules and regulations.  The Faculty of Music Timetable provides a listing of courses offered in the current year, along with schedule information (day, time, location, instructor, and special enrolment instructions, if any). The Faculty of Arts & Science Calendar and Timetable provide equivalent information on Arts & Science courses.

Newly admitted students should consult the Next Steps Guide to learn about starting their studies at U of T Music.

Current undergraduate students can access information and forms within the Registrar’s Page on Sharepoint on such matters as exam schedules and policies, practice room signup, petitions, and scholarships and financial aid.


Registrar’s Office

The Registrar's Office at the Faculty of Music is your “reliable first stop” for information and advice. The office is responsible for the administrative operations of the undergraduate program including registrarial and computerized student records, course administration, convocation, examinations, marks and grade reporting, information on scholarships, bursaries and financial aid, as well as the policies on academic regulations. Academic and personal counselling is also provided by the office, along with appropriate referrals to other services within the university.

The Registrar’s Office is located in Room 145 of the Edward Johnson Building. The regular hours of operation are Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm. The office can be reached by phone at 416–978–3740 and by email.

Students having difficulties with a specific course should not hesitate to bring this to the attention of the instructor. Students with problems related to teaching that they cannot resolve with the instructor concerned should contact the appropriate Divisional Coordinator, the Registrar, or the Associate Dean, Academic and Student Affairs. For phone and email information, visit U of T Music Contacts


The Registrar’s Office can guide students to appropriate university services, including:

Aboriginal Student Services,

Student Success Centre,

Accessibility Services,

Career Exploration and Education,

Centre for Community Partnerships,

Centre for International Experience,

Community Safety Office,

Family Care Office,

Health and Wellness Centre,

Multi-Faith Centre,

Sexual and Gender Diversity Office, and