Areas of Study

Voice Studies

UofT’s Voice Studies program is one of the strongest and most comprehensive in North America.  A superb cohort of studio teachers remains its crucial core.  But the breadth and depth of offerings, range of performance opportunities, and annual interactions with world-class visitors is extraordinary.

The program boasts a unique array of introductory, upper level and graduate courses in lyric diction, languages, piano-vocal master classes, German Lieder, French mélodie, oratorio, and pedagogy. 

UofT’s Vocal Pedagogy Program is at the forefront of a field that combines art, science, teaching, and performance.  Equal attention is given to performance and pedagogy, strengthening research into the individual singer while exploring the life cycle of the voice from childhood though old age.

Voice studies works closely with other vocal and instrumental areas, such as opera, choral studies, early music, and collaborative piano. 

Choral Activities at UofT reach a wide range of the student population, providing learning and performing opportunities in many ensembles, including Men’s Chorus, Women’s Chamber Choir, University Women’s Chorus, and the MacMillan Singers.  There are many performances annually, a number in partnership with groups from the larger choral community in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).  Training opportunities for choral conductors through graduate programs and summer workshops have become a major success of the area.


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