Music Library

Welcome to the Music Library of the University of Toronto!

We are the largest music research collection in Canada and among the top 3 academic library systems in North America.

Our holdings include:

  • Over 300,000 books, scores, and periodicals
  • Nearly 200,000 sound recordings ranging from wax cylinder to Blu-ray
  • Extensive archival collections documenting the creative activities of composers & music clubs associated with the university and the city
  • Access to literally millions of electronic resources in various formats

You are the reason these resources are here. They are the platform that supports and informs your research, whether you’re a first-year student straight out of high school, a doctoral candidate, research & teaching faculty, an external scholar, or simply a member of the public interested in music. We collect and preserve knowledge in all its formats to serve people like you now and for generations to come.

What makes the Music Library a truly outstanding place is not merely the number of books, scores or CDs we have, but the people who work here. The library staff is a cross-section of the music community it serves, with music backgrounds ranging from classical, folk and jazz performers to academics. This diverse and friendly group works as a cohesive team, not only to ensure that the library continues to function at its best, building and maintaining its nationally-renowned collection, but to support the needs of a broad range of library users. So whether your interest is more traditional (like opera or Bach) or more esoteric (like gamelan or Hindustani ragas), we – the library staff and the collection – are here for you.


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