Areas of Study

Music Technology

This is a new program at the professional masters level, beginning in 2015-16.

The program uniquely combines creative experience and professional training in Composition, Performance, Production, and Distribution of technologically driven digital media.  Students work within and across these areas to develop their individual skills, and ultimately work together in teams across areas to realize professionally viable projects in ways that parallel real creative industry experience.

Focused on music as entry point, the program extends to incorporate various form of media, including film and video, website development and gaming, electronic and digital creation, as well as interdisciplinary creative arts. 

Students with strong digital media interest and experience come to the program from a variety of disciplines, including music composition, performance, sound recording, and various academic fields.  The program is taught by academic staff in the University of Toronto (in Music and other disciplines) as well as by leading professionals in the field. 

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