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 UofT Jazz students enjoy the benefits of a small, focused program within a highly respected and multi-faceted institution of higher learning.

The opportunities for personal growth within the University of Toronto are boundless.

The small Jazz groups, Vocal Jazz Ensemble, and Jazz Orchestras are a major portion of the curriculum.

Students work on improvisation and repertoire development as well as ensemble and performance skills. Rehearsals and performances also provide an opportunity for students to hear and develop their own arrangements and compositions.  Live performance is a priority. Each ensemble performs a minimum of 3 times per year. Students are placed in a variety of groups and perform in various venues including The Rex Jazz Bar, the Faculty of Music’s Walter Hall and Upper Jazz at 90 Wellesley, and UofT’s Hart House “Jazz at Oscars.” Each year concludes with an “in house” recording session documenting the progress of each ensemble. 

At the core of the program is a philosophy of honoring the jazz tradition while incorporating current trends in modern jazz performance and composition. With an emphasis on team spirit and individual creativity, U of T Jazz students acquire the knowledge, skill, freedom, responsibility and encouragement to forge musical paths into the future. Graduate programs at the masters and doctoral levels offer academic challenges consistent with the University of Toronto’s high standards, while allowing creative musical growth to be enhanced through self-directed curriculum opportunities.

The Jazz Program offers the Jazz Primer Workshop Series, which is of interest to prospective students for Jazz Studies. 


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