Areas of Study


Musicology is the scholarly study of music in all its aspects. Beyond playing and composing, musicians benefit from understanding the broader significance of music and the role of musicians in historical and contemporary contexts; learning about musical genres, approaches to composition, changing musical styles and expression; learning to research, analyze, think critically, and to write about music; and to perform as knowledgeable and informed musicians. The musicology faculty at UofT is widely known for its scholarly excellence and varied approaches to the study of music, and for its dedication to helping students develop their investigative and analytical skills, and to think creatively and write effectively about music.

All undergraduate students build upon a foundation of knowledge of music through two years of core courses in music history and world music. At the advanced undergraduate level, music history and musicology courses feature a variety of more specialized study, offering students the possibility to graduate with a major in Music History and Theory within the Mus.Bac. program. This major is designed with considerable flexibility to accommodate students’ individual interests: our students can elect to specialize in either Music History or Music Theory, or design a general major drawing from both areas.

At the graduate level, the combination of scholarly excellence, the intimate scale of the program, and the close ties to Music Theory and Ethnomusicology make for a vibrant, friendly, and intellectually engaging environment that attracts top-level students pursuing the course-intensive MA and the research-oriented PhD in musicology. In addition to a wide variety of specialized seminars, graduate students benefit from the visits by guest speakers, be they at the biweekly colloquium series, graduate-student roundtables, or special events at the Faculty of Music or in other graduate units and institutes across campus. All graduate students in musicology are supported by UofT’s generous standard funding package and have the opportunity to gain invaluable professional experience through teaching and research assistantships.

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