Ellie M. Hisama Awarded Cone Membership at the IAS

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Ellie M. Hisama Awarded Cone Membership at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS)

Dean and Professor of Music Ellie M. Hisama was awarded the Edward T. Cone Membership at the Institute for Advanced Study (IAS) in the School of Historical Studies for the Fall 2024 term. This prestigious membership allows for focused research and the free and open exchange of ideas among an international community of scholars at one of the foremost centers for intellectual inquiry. Author of the influential books The Composer’s Voice and Musical Form and Musical Performance, Edward T. Cone was a distinguished composer, music theorist, musicologist, and pianist who was a member of Princeton University’s faculty for many years.  

At the IAS, Hisama will work on a book provisionally titled The Fragment and the Long Song of Julius Eastman. Continuing her work in social and cultural history, Hisama’s project on the polymath musician Julius Eastman addresses his fractured archive and language of ecstatic minimalism. It offers pathways of listening to Eastman’s uncompromising musical engagements and serves as an example of Hisama’s ongoing commitment to public humanities. “It is a highlight of my career to be part of the IAS, an institution I have long admired for its steadfast support of field-changing research,” said Hisama. “It is a special honour to be part of an institution where Natalie Zemon Davis, the distinguished historian and UofT professor, was a member.”

Each year, IAS welcomes more than 250 of the most promising post-doctoral researchers and distinguished scholars from around the world to advance fundamental discovery as part of an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment. Visiting scholars are selected through a highly competitive process for their bold ideas, innovative methods, and deep research questions by the permanent Faculty who have included Albert Einstein, Hetty Goldman, and J. Robert Oppenheimer. Past and present scholars have included Nobel Laureates, Fields Medalists, Abel Prize Laureates, MacArthur and Guggenheim fellows, and winners of the Wolf, Holberg, Kluge, and Pulitzer Prizes.